Learn How to get 1-30 Return on Your Trades
I love the mental construct of the "push pull". (this is NOT to be underestimated). In the past, when I would see something that I knew would be a good shorting opportunity, (or long), I would jump in, only to have it "pull" away from me, causing extreme stress and loss. Most of the time it would come back, but not before stopping me out.

Now, I just say, "this is a push pull, wait for tomorrow", and set an alert. This keeps me calm, feeling in control (I'm actually doing something) and my stress has diminished considerably.In addition, your charts in the 10XROI pulled together some of my training in an easy to understand way, and I've definitely used them to make money. Your insistence on daily and hourly charts has been immeasurable. I realized half my stress (and loss) was from those darn 5 minute (precision based, as I was taught), charts! These are one of my key tools in trading these days. They are the BEST.I was able to short Soy while I was in Cabo for a week and do extremely well, while basking in the infinity pool every morning!
Ginger Feria

Thank you for the interest in how I was doing since I started the High ROI Forex Trading Course. Well I was successful with 2 trades! The EUR/CAD and the AUD/CAD. especially the first one brought us bacon for a whole month.
More bacon….. A break of the trend line of the USD/CAD brought some nice filet mignon this time! Bacon is too common anyways.”

LR's High ROI Trading Video Course contains possibly the best (i.e. the most profitable for a given risk) FOREX education content of any on the internet. And the course takes a lot of the mental barriers away by defining clear and unambiguous rules. I have participated in many expensive courses, and while I learned something from all of them, this Course hits sixes to the boundary every time.

Alastair Forres

Ever heard the expression 'buy low, sell high'? Or how about 'let your winners run and cut your losses?' I especially like 'ensure your winners exceed your losses'.
I just finished reading a book on the Quants whose mantra is to 'put the maths, or the odds on your side'. Oh and I love the Jesse Livermore quote ' It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting.'
Great Sayings. Wonderful sayings. Fantastic. But my thinking: most retail strategies do not capture most, if any of these principles. So is there a methodology, that retail traders can use, even with limited funds, that captures all of this? And I mean all of this? I believe there is. LR has put together a strategy that does as the big boys do: focusses not on consistency of trades, but consistency of the trader using a simple,intuitive, market rhythmic approach.
Of the strategy:
Does it Buy low/Sell High? - Yes.
Are Winners run, Losses cut? - Yes
Do Winners exceed Losers? - Yes
Is the Maths on your side? - Yes
Do you Wait for trades to come to you? - Yes

I have been trading the 10XROI strategy for just over a month now. The last two weeks of trading has seen me bag over 1000 pips. And yet that is not, I repeat NOT the focus or what impresses me. It is the rate of return.

Each trade aims for a take profit of 10R and always a stop loss of 1R - which I have achieved. While it's still early days for me I already know the principles taught are the principles practiced and espoused by the world's foremost traders. There is no magic bullet. Just sound time tested principles focussed on patience, a simple strategy, money management and sound psychology. Why reinvent the wheel? Just spin that thing."
This High ROI Trading Video Course is the in-depth version of the best selling Amazon Forex books. It shows you step-by-step how to use these systems together to take trades up to and exceeding 1-30 return on a trade. By concentrating on High ROI trades you are far more likely to become a successful trader.
  • The 10XROI Trading System
  • The Trade Around Your Job System
  • The High ROI Scalping System
  • Pyramid Your Trades to Profits
It is important to note that ALL the trading systems were designed to slot into each other and to be traded together. This means that you can add each system to your trading system with confidence knowing that you are adding more opportunities and they can all be traded without conflict.

It is necessary to have some trading knowledge in order to understand both the books and the video course. It is also important to have read the books first before taking the course. For those who haven't read all the books they are provided free of charge with the course.
The course is designed to build on what has been taught in the books and go into more depth as to how the systems work individually and when used together.

The first thing to note if you haven't yet read the books is that the trading style is simple with no messy indicators although there are two moving averages used just to measure momentum. The course is price-action based and is designed to be very time friendly.
The course starts with the 10XROI System, which provides the basis for the next systems, the Trade Around Your Job System, the High ROI Scalping System and Pyramid Your Trades to Profit.
The last section is about how you can increase the ROI on the trades using pyramiding techniques.
The great advantage of this course lies in the increased depth of information as compared to the books. Those who are interested in taking their trading to a new and more profitable level will benefit by taking this course.
Why You Should Invest in the
High ROI Forex Trading Course.
The 10XROI Trading System Course Overview
Introduction to The 10XROI Trading System
Finding High Momentum Moves
Horizontal Breakouts
Pull-backs to Broken Trend-Lines
Using the Higher Time Frames to Predict Momentum
Recognising Push-Pull Set-ups
Entering a 10XROI Push-Pull Trade
Moving to Break Even on a 10XROI Trade
Taking Profits
Taking Profits on 10XROI Parabolic Moves
Trading Around the News
Quick Answers to 10XROI Questions
The Trade Around Your Job (TAYJ) System
Finding TAYJ Trades
Entering TAYJ Trades
Moving to Break Even on TAYJ Trades
Taking Profits on TAYJ Trades
Taking Profits on Parabolic Moves
More TAYJ Trading Tips
The High ROI Scalping System (Used for Precision Entries)
Introduction to the High ROI Scalping Course
Setting Up The Charts for the High ROI Scalping System
Analysis of High ROI Scalping Setups
High ROI Scalping S/R Trades
Entering 10XROI Trades Using the High ROI Scalping Entry Preview
Moving to Break Even on High ROI Scalping Trades
3.9.14 GBP/JPY Channel trade example
Failing Channels
Using Correlation
Correlation Example
The Big Round Numbers
Pyramid Your Trades to Profits
Pyramiding Part One
Pyramiding Part Two
More Pyramiding Examples Using all Three Systems (1)
More Pyramiding Examples Using all Three Systems (2)
Money Management and Trading Psychology
Money Management
Control Your Inner Trader
The Red Car Bias in Trading
Mindset Webinar
Organising Your Charts and Yourself
Choosing Your Pairs for the Month for the 10XROI and the TAYJ Systems
Organising Your High ROI Scalping Charts
Trade Examples
How to Get a 1-20 on a 1-10 ROI Trade
TAYJ Example
Example of High ROI Scalping Trade 
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